Business Process Reengineering Projects

NYC Department of Education
Post-Merger Integration

In an effort to build system-wide capacity, the NYC Department of Education merged two offices, each historically focused on helping students earn their high school diploma and prepare for college and career transitions. Despite similar missions, the two offices had distinct identities, which posed challenges to integrating their approaches. Within a very tight timeframe, we performed a rapid assessment and offered suggestions for bridging any gaps during the transition. Our team deployed quickly to interview stakeholders, understand organizational goals and structures, and identify areas of compatibility and tension. In cataloging areas of challenge, we offered guidance on how to manage and harness aspects that were positive, how to resolve those that were counterproductive, and unite the group towards the development of the office’s unified strategy for improving postsecondary success.

NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene (DOHMH)
Migration To New Enterprise Permitting System

We were engaged to help the agency’s Environmental Health Division prepare for the agency’s migration from CAMIS—the city’s legacy database for issuing a variety of permits (for instance, restaurant and mobile food vending licenses) to a new Web-based data system. We documented business processes and use cases within and across agency boundaries to understand what enterprise processes would need to change under a new system. We identified outdated internal processes that could be updated immediately to provide more efficient and responsive services, as well as additional opportunities for improvement that would be realized upon migration. We managed the interagency information collection, including overseeing business analysts assigned by SBS, synthesized data, and documented our findings and recommendations.

NYC Department for the Aging
Home Delivered Meals Transition

In a year-long engagement, we helped the NYC Department for the Aging to manage a large-scale streamlining of operations with its contract service providers, from preparation through implementation. We worked with the Bureau of Senior Centers to consolidate the number of contractors from several dozen organizations to 13 who deliver more than 10,000 meals to homebound seniors daily—without interruption in service. We worked with an intra-agency task force to develop milestones for the transition, manage planning and preparation internally and with community stakeholders, monitor progress throughout the process, and recommend operational changes during implementation to address shifting realities.

Times Square Alliance
Operations and Financial Management Assistance

We provided comprehensive operations and financial management services to the Times Square Alliance, a quasi-governmental business improvement district. We served as a senior advisor to the chief executive on financial management, City contract management, and support operations, including identifying potential efficiencies in finance and human resources and preparing and modifying organizational and contract budgets. We assisted the client to hire and train staff to implement initiatives, analyzed large datasets on real estate in the district, and updated and disseminated new policies and procedures.

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