MDRC | Family Rewards Conditional Cash Transfer Program

From 2007 to 2010, MDRC partnered with the NYC Center for Economic Opportunity (CEO) to test the ability of a conditional cash transfer program, Opportunity NYC-Family Rewards, to break the cycle of poverty. The program made temporary cash payments to reduce immediate hardship, but conditioned the payments on efforts to build human capital that could reduce susceptibility to multi-generational poverty. Based on promising early results of this demonstration, MDRC and CEO won a grant from the national Social Innovation Fund to test a second generation program that would build on lessons learned and explore how a common program model could be applied while accommodating different local contexts. After program operators were selected for the second generation Family Rewards program, we were engaged to facilitate a planning process that included MDRC, CEO, and multiple service providers; monitor program implementation; and provide technical assistance to the Neighborhood Partner Organizations that are operating the program in Bronx, New York and Memphis, Tennessee.

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