NYC Human Resources Administration and MDRC | Jobs-Plus Implementation and Technical Assistance

The NYC Human Resource Administration (HRA) partnered with NYCHA and other City agencies to expand the portfolio of NYC Jobs-Plus programs from two to eight. While Jobs-Plus is a nationally recognized evidenced-based model, research shows it has maximum impact only when the program’s three core components (employment services, community support for work, and financial incentives that make work pay) are well implemented. HRA recognized that this approach was significantly different from that used by most employment programs, and that service providers would benefit from technical assistance that reinforced the Jobs-Plus model.

To provide this support, HRA engaged a technical assistance team consisting of MDRC, Public Works Partners and WPTI—each of which has deep experience with the Jobs-Plus model. Public Works Partners also brings its experience creating successful engagement strategies for public housing residents, engaging participants through social media, integrating financial counseling and employment services, and establishing strong program operations. Working collectively, the technical assistance team is helping program staff to achieve their performance goals by internalizing key components of the Jobs-Plus model, enabling staff to learn from the experience of earlier Jobs-Plus programs, and continuing the process of identifying and disseminating promising practices.

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