Per Scholas | Expansion Study

Principal Scott Zucker worked with the Economic Mobility Corporation to prepare Per Scholas, the Bronx-based workforce development and training organization, for their successful expansion into new cities and their evolution into a national organization. We began this holistic engagement by articulating a service model, rooted in best practices, which would be the basis for replication in new locations. We established executive consensus for this model by engaging staff in working sessions to determine which elements of the Per Scholas model were critical success factors that should be at the core of any replication. We also identified context driven success factors that should be applied when appropriate to the needs of a particular community.

In a second component of our engagement we evaluated the Per Scholas organizational design, administrative infrastructure and management processes to determine whether they were sufficiently robust to support a larger organization that would be geographically dispersed. We recommended enhancements that would enable Per Scholas to strengthen its management, better facilitate program success, and establish the capacity to manage expansion without compromising attention paid to program quality. In the final component of the engagement, we performed a market analysis of Cleveland, Ohio, to determine whether the Per Scholas model might succeed there. The assessment examined the demand for IT support professionals, the hiring practices of key employers, the competitiveness within the employment and training sector, and the likely availability of local government and philanthropic funding.

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