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When we tackle a new project, we immerse ourselves in the details to develop a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities at hand, and then focus on delivering exceptional strategies for overcoming barriers or harnessing momentum. Underlying all our work is strong foundation in policy analysis and change management so the impact of our work reaches throughout an organization. And so that it’s sustained over time.

Program Strategy, Design & Implementation
We identify, develop, and implement customized program designs that help our clients achieve organizational goals and program outcomes. We specialize in planning and design for multi-stakeholder initiatives and helping leaders effectively manage transformative change. From establishing new business lines to driving innovative enhancements for existing business practices, we create strategies that meet objectives and are sustainable over time.

Program Evaluation & Performance Improvement
We help organizations understand their impact, the key drivers of their success, and how to ensure information systems, organizational design and a common understanding of goals—by executives, staff and clients—continues to maximize impact.

Stakeholder Analysis & Engagement
We collect and synthesize stakeholder perspective to make it part of any organization’s effort, whether designing a new human services program or developing a parcel of property.

Policy Analysis
We decipher short- and long-term impacts of new policies on our clients’ programs and operations.

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