We hope all of you have been keeping cool this summer. As we get ready to head into an engaging autumn with our clients, we’re excited to share with you an update on some of our work from the past several months. We’d also like to extend our deep appreciation for your continued collaboration – it’s supporting organizations making positive impact that makes us love what we do, and gives us much to look forward to in the weeks and months ahead.

Recently Wrapped Up

Public Works just wrapped up a 15-month engagement helping to launch the 30-plus initiatives of Small Business First—the City of New York’s effort to make it easier for small businesses to thrive and grow. The engagement was a great example of how we work with clients to wrangle complex, multifaceted plans into functioning programs. In addition to developing and monitoring a project management framework with the 15 city agencies involved in these initiatives, Public Works took the lead in implementing several of them. This included designing and opening the City’s first one-stop Small Business Support Center in Jamaica, Queens; conceptualizing and rolling out one-on-one services to help businesses navigate city government; and designing ways to measure the impact of the initiatives, including ways to help adjust service delivery based on what service metrics show.

In the face of breathtaking development and transformation, the Long Island City Partnership engaged Public Works to help them take stock of the opportunities and challenges that neighborhood businesses, residents and arts organizations face. In its first-ever comprehensive neighborhood plan, LICP is focused on identifying ways to ensure this historically mixed-use community maintains its dynamic vibrancy. Public Works partnered with BJH Advisors to analyze the existing real estate market and land uses, survey and interview a range of business and other stakeholders, and develop a set of actionable recommendations for policymakers that LICP is currently reviewing with stakeholders to help accommodate growth in a balanced way

Hostos Community College and Montefiore Medical Center jointly engaged us help them develop opportunities to establish a collaborative approach to building career pathways in healthcare for low-income Bronx residents. We helped the institutions determine how this partnership could facilitate career advancement for training participants, such as through shared recruitment and referrals for follow on training or job placement. We also worked with them to outline the steps needed to effectively plan for and manage the program collaboration. In particular, we placed an emphasis on creating clear outcome goals and action plans for achieving them. We’re excited to see how this new partnership will help both programs accomplish more and better serve community residents. [Read more]