In October, we participated in the Municipal Art Society’s Annual Summit, focusing on ways stakeholder engagement can help communities participate in and prepare for large-scale, urban shifts. This year’s theme – Pushing the Limits – challenged attendees to consider solutions to the pressures felt as cities push the limits of physical and financial resources, from infrastructure to housing.

Celeste Frye moderated a panel, “New Tools for Equitable Engagement,” driving the discussion on how communities can meaningfully participate in debate and decisions that impact their neighborhoods. ​The conversation explored opportunities to modernize traditional outreach methods to address changing communication mediums, and if technology is the way to encourage more democratic city-building.

​ ​Panelists included Story Bellows, Chief Innovation and Performance Officer from the Brooklyn Public Library; Gabe Klein, Co-Founder at CityFI & Special Venture Partners at Fontinalis Partners; and Damon Rich, Partner of Hector.

​Check out the video below for the full panel discussion: